About Us

The Rileigh & Raylee Angel Ride Foundation
Since 2002

About The Foundation

The Rileigh and Raylee Angel Ride Foundation is dedicated to the mission of assisting families of children who have special medical needs in the surrounding areas. 

All the funding to support this foundation is generated by multiple fundraising events which include the “Fore the Kids” Golf Tournament and our Annual Drawdown Event. The community and corporate support for these events are truly a heartfelt experience when considering its objective- to help a child. 

The Rileigh and Raylee Angel Ride Foundation was started nearly two decades ago by the inspiration of two children – Rileigh Glass and Raylee Odom. Rileigh was born with Down Syndrome and Raylee with Muscular Dystrophy. Their special needs brought to light the hardships a family may be challenged with when caring for children with overwhelming needs. A small group of family and friends took this awareness and turned it into the determination to establish this funding program that now helps families faced with similar circumstances. 

The Rileigh and Raylee Angel Ride Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public tax-exempt organization. 

Families Helped

Dollars Raised


What Drives Us


The mission of the Rileigh and Raylee Angel Ride Foundation is to provide financial assistance to families of children with unforeseen health problems. 

Board of Directors


Help a family


Giving Provides Better Care

To give a child the opportunity to receive the best possible care he/she needs.

Giving Provides Relieve

To help families with travel expenses (hotel costs, gas, food cost).

Giving Provides Necessities

To help with accessibility needs (wheelchairs, wheelchair ramps, etc.).


Our Volunteers

I have always had a personal connection with the families involved in the Angel Ride Foundation. Their mission of assisting with medical expenses for families who have children with special needs helps families at a time when they need it most. These families are dealing with so many difficult decisions and it makes me proud to volunteer with an organization who supports these families and makes life a little easier for them. 

Sherry Sullivan

Mayor, City of Fairhope

“A lifetime of memories were created for me each year on the first weekend of November. It was a weekend to work as a volunteer for the “Angel Ride” organization. As a volunteer, the event not only allowed me to create life long friendships but also allowed me to see enjoyment the event provided for the community as a fun weekend of music, fellowship of motorcyclist, and social interaction but also the benefit provided to families of needed assistance for special needs children. The joy witnessed by the children and the smiles of the riders/participants will be with me forever. What a privilege it was to be a part of this incredible organization known as the “Angel Ride.” Thanks for the opportunity.”

-Bill McGee

“I volunteered for many years to work at Angel Ride. It truly blessed my heart to be a part of raising money for special needs families to get through very difficult times in their lives. I will forever cherish the time I spent volunteering for this great organization, “Angel Ride.”

- Vanessa McGee